So Excited, I just promoted to BRONZE ELITE status!!!!

This is a big thing (for me, anyway) and in Stampin' Up! it means a couple of things, first of all I get a  raise. Yes, I go from earning 20% on everything I sell to 25%. FIVE percent more! When is the last time you got to jump like that in your pay? Very very cool.

Next, it means that I am progressing nicely in the organization. I signed on October 11, 2016 and have not yet been a demonstrator for 2 months but have reached both my quarterly requirements and my Quick Start bonus. I am very happy about those two things. For a hobbyist it is a good thing. With a little effort and some loyal customers I should be able to improve with time.

So, YAY, me!! To celebrate, I am having a give away.  You have to comment on this blog post and I will give you till December 8th at 6 pm pacific time. After six pm my time I will use one of the "random generator" gadgets online and choose a winner for a cute stamp set of my choosing! Plus you will get it before Christmas, an added Christmas gift for you absolutely free...just have to leave me a comment below. As a bonus, I will give you one extra entry for each time you share my blog post on your social media site whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Doesn't matter to me. Yay for free stuff!!

Ok, I have some errands to do so I am going for now. Please remember to comment if you want a chance at winning and share share away!



  1. congrats. great job deb!! oh and btw. i love FREE !!

    1. Ingrid, FREE is wonderful, right?? Okay you are all signed up for the giveaway that will take place tomorrow at 6 pm!! Good luck, it is completely non-biased because it's a gadget thingie online that picks the winner. lol

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Jen!!! Thank you so much. You totally know what I'm talking about here! <3


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