Smithtown, NY....We Are HERE!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Well, the blur of packing and getting ready to take a trip with a five year old is over, and now the fun is HERE!!

The last-minute stuff went surprisingly well, even for the people like me who leave packing till the last minute. Hahah...worst thing was we did not get a lot of sleep before our flight. Went to bed after midnight knowing we would be up at 3 am to organize ourselves and get to the airport by 4:30. We are lucky and blessed to live under 20 miles from LAX. Also blessed to have an adult son who volunteered (yes, you read that right, we didn't have to ASK!!) to take us to the airport at that hour.

Only downside was that the last minute video I did before our departure was a wash. The content was not the problem, the equipment all decided to go wonky at the last minute. My soft box lighting which was working when I did an equipment check the day before, decided to go on hiatus. One light worked, the other NO. These are brand new so I don't think it can be the bulb already. It was only on for a second for me to test it and then was in a corner for a week. Unplugged. So I will deal with that from the manufacturer when I return home. It is on my lists of "things to resolve." So that was the lighting, the inexpensive tripod I purchased from Amazon also boinked. The cell phone holder portion of the tripod kept slipping and dropping my phone. Not good. So my hubby decided to hold my iPhone for me above my head to capture the magic. He did a great job not shaking and not moving the camera, but after I blocked out the filming area (mainly JUST my Stampin' Up! grid paper) he somehow zoomed out or whatever to include ALL the surrounding mess of my craft table and it is super distracting for the video. Not only is that distracting but the top of my head is visible and the tip of my nose and me in my housedress. Not exactly what I want to show on my first video. So we will be re-doing it. Otherwise it was good lol.

Here are some pictures of the place we are staying at while in NY. We have stayed her every year for the past 5 years (except for one year when it was booked!) Check it out!

It is on a 3 acre parcel in Smithtown and such a cute older home. Four bedrooms so lots of room for family to join us but no one could come this year. There is even a full basement with a mini kitchen and a about convenience. It is always nice to go home from vacation with a suitcase of CLEAN clothes lol. The first picture is the view from the living room window, that's our rental car in the front and basically the front lawn area. Most mornings there are deer grazing but not today. It is chilly but the deer are used to it I'm sure. 34 degrees right now at 9:28 am. The giant "Christmas tree" is neat in the front yard. If I lived here year round I would certainly decorate it for the holidays. Talk about a giant tree!! The rest of the yard is just as pretty, I remember an old fashioned tree swing on the side yard and an old shed out back. Like I said, 3 acres!!  The living room has a baby grand piano that my granddaughter went crazy for when we got here. She takes piano lessons and was excited to play this piano. So cute.

Ok, I am going now, hubby went off to the local bagel shop for breakfast goodies and we are going to eat breakfast and plan our day out today. So far the skies look clear so no worry of a storm at the moment. Cold, yes. Storm, not yet!!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!


  1. Welcome to NY!! Looks like a really nice area you are staying. That stinks you are having trouble with you video. I have a hanging overhead light my husband installed years ago. I think he bought it at walmart. Its funny because I have craft wire wrapped around my iphone hanging off of one of my baskets on my peg board to shoot my videos. I've gotten a lot of compliments on how professional my videos look. lol if they only knew!! Im sure your videos are going to be awesome and can not wait to see your first one. Have a wonderful time in NY with your family

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Christine!! I might have to resort to the craft wire on the iPhone the way I'm having trouble with selfie sticks and tri pods!
      Yes, this area is so cute and woodsy, we've been staying out here for the last 5 or 6 years except for one year it was booked before we could get it and we stayed near Centerreach. I'm just happy because we are within 20 minutes of my Aunt's place and my cousins. We see each other often when we are here and I always have a big family dinner while we visit so everyone is together. It is so much fun. This year I'm surprising them and making these family recipe cookies no one's had for years. On Thursday they say it will be the "coldest day in the year" so I'm planning ahead for that to be a baking day. One of these days you'll have to take a photo of your set up (just for me) so I can get some inspiration lol.


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