Long Island Life, day three!

Having a wonderful time catching up with relatives, shopping, and exploring Long Island. There is truly so much to see and do here, people don't know!

Went to visit Uncle Giuseppe's last night (my favorite Italian store) and as usual it did not disappoint.
Stocked up on all the stuff we will need for the most part and have planned out our itinerary for the rest of the week. Our big family dinner will be Saturday night and tonight's main event is going to look at the big Christmas Light spectacular over at Smith Point in Shirley, NY. The girl scouts hold it every year (this is the 13th year) and they do a great job. For just $20 per car load you can drive through dozens of really nicely put together light displays in a woodsy setting. Last year it was in Bayport.
Before we head over to the light display we are stopping at the St. James General Store to stock up on a few items they carry. It is a cool old fashioned place that has been here for at least 100 years. I'll have to take a few pics while we are there.
Then King Kullen for some gift cards for my Auntie and for some fixings for cookie making tomorrow. Kiera and I are having a cookie making day because it is supposed to be so cold tomorrow.

All in all we are having a fantastic time here. I am finished with Christmas shopping and the rest of my stuff will be delivered to our house in California soon. When we get home all I have to do is wrap it and place it under our tree. Oh, and order our prime rib for the Christmas Eve dinner. I keep forgetting to do that!

Talk to you all later tonight!


  1. What a neat looking market, my mother in law would love that place. Never been to long island, but my husband worked there when Sandy hit that area. He helped restore the power. Glad you had a good time in NY

    1. We had a blast! Uncle Giuseppe's is an experience, for sure! That sounds like a big job, restoring the power. I know the island got hit pretty hard during Sandy.


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