Last Day In New York

We are getting all packed up and ready to head to the airport tomorrow. We leave this cozy house at noon tomorrow and need to be at the airport by 2 pm so that should leave us time to stop off at one or two last minute places...hopefully. The car is already re-filled with gas so all we have to do is drop it off at the Dollar Rent A Car place and hop on the Air Train at Federal Circle Station to get to the airport. We are already checked in to our flight (online) and will drop off our three checked bags and then head over to the TSA pre-check lines. Hopefully they are short here like in LAX. Because we are in the North West, the website encouraged us to check with our carrier to see if we really ARE flying out tomorrow. Lots of delayed/cancelled flights due to weather issues.

Dropped by my auntie's house this afternoon and spent some time with her as we will not be able to tomorrow. I am sad to leave her this time because she seemed a little lonely to me this trip. I can't quite put my finger on why, I know her kids are always at her side so maybe I'm just reading my own thoughts into it. Still...I hated to say good bye.

Kiera is all excited to fly again tomorrow and is of course looking forward to seeing her parents and baby brother again. A week away from her family is a long time for a five year old and she was a very good little girl. We appreciated her being so good. I am looking forward to the time I can bring Sawyer with us as well. That will be a great trip just for entertainment value!! Maybe closer to summer we can plan something to test the waters.

Check out all the snow we got during that one full night of snowing! It was fantastic and stuck to the ground all day. Of course by the next day (today) it is gone because they had a freak warming trend for one day only; it got up to 59 today. Now it is back to 24 degrees and tomorrow it is supposed to be freezing again with a high of 22 all day long. No snow though. I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed the snow. The only time we usually see it is in our local mountains and even then if we go once a year it is a lot.

When I get home I will go ahead and try to upload the video of the Christmas Gift Tags I made while I was here,  it was full of mistakes but as my very first video I am happy to show it. That way later I can be happy at how much better I've become, right??
Take care!


  1. aww looks like you guys had fun with all the snow.

    1. We really did, Christine! Kiera was in awe of how much there was and kept tasting it. When it was first falling thick and fast she was so excited, it was a joy to watch her. I confess, I get excited by the snow, too, but mainly because we don't have to deal with it on a daily basis!


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