It has been a BUSY Birthday week!

My birthday on Monday, dentist appointment on Tuesday, hair and demonstration appointments on Wednesday....and then on Thursday we started the pre-order month for demonstrators for our new catalog!
This new catalog is amazing and will be available to all my customers starting Jan. 4, 2017. The only way to get the new stuff a bit early is by joining which I highly recommend. Even for the "Hobby Demonstrator" it is a good thing to do as you will start off getting 20% discount on everything you purchase for yourself, and that is wonderful!
The other part of the new catalog is that for every $50 spent (can even be from the annual catalog or the holiday catalog) there's a whole separate bonus going on where we can get an additional item for FREE!!! These additional items are listed and cannot be purchased. They are only available for free. Isn't that a cool deal?? I agree!

Here are some pictures of the demonstration I did on Wednesday. It went so well, my sister really had a great time and that is always a worry when you have a non-crafty type person.

She did a fantastic job and ended up with FOUR cards that she made herself and can use for upcoming birthdays or whatever she needs them for. Plus we had a great time together!

Tomorrow we are having another demonstration at my place. This time the participants will be slightly more seasoned paper crafters but it will sure be fun either way. I have some cool things planned, all they have to do is show up and bring 2 or 3 microwave popcorn packs. All the supplies will be provided by me and they will go home with a minimum of 5 cute little Christmas gifts for co-workers, casual friends, kid's teachers. As an added bonus we will be making some adorable Christmas gift tags to give them a head start on their holiday wrapping.

The best part of making your own Christmas gift tags is that usually we are using paper scraps left over from another project so it does not cost anything except your time, and also it makes quite an impression when your cute little gifts come with a considerate and cute hand made gift tag. Win/win!

Ok, I'm going for now, I have to do a lot just to get ready for tomorrow's demo and I'm so excited to see you guys who are coming over. After that I'll be working on my first video demonstration and it should be a doozy since it will be my first. All I can say is, have mercy!!

Have a great day!


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