Home Sweet Home

Happy Winter, Everyone!

Well, we had an eventful trip home with the bad weather. Jet Blue almost did not take off from JFK but the upside was we were only delayed about 45 minutes before getting clearance to leave the runway.

Very bumpy ride home with lots of turbulence over various areas, mostly Chicago and Colorado. The pilot was very apologetic but what could he do except keep going higher and higher!! We were happy to land in LAX at about 7:22 west coast time.

Now we are on the last leg of the Christmas Sprint to ready ourselves for our big family Christmas Eve dinner held here at our house. Christmas day dinner will be at my son's for the first year so that is exciting! Our menu is something fairly simple like prime rib with just a couple of sides, I think my son is planning something more elaborate for his dinner. I am happy to keep it simple when entertaining!

Doing a little mini project for my granddaughter today so she can give out a little something to her kindergarten school friends on Thursday. I got these super cute pencils from Target (on their dollar counter) and will just be making a basic cello bag pencil gift thingie for each of them. I was debating whether I should add a colorful eraser, there is already an eraser on each pencil but it will make the little gift seem like more if I put in a cute eraser. Hmmm...

Wow, my house looked like a warehouse when I returned. I normally do a lot of Christmas shopping online but this year it was even more amped up because of our trip to NY. I think I had about 12 boxes ready for me to un-box when we got home. I still haven't opened all of them yet. Some were from Stampin' Up! Yay!!

Great news: my planner arrived when we were gone. I get to start using it right away but I'm not sure if that is allowed because it is supposed to be a Christmas gift from my hubby. It should be fine, right?? I can pretend I unwrapped it. :D

On that note I will be getting busy with all the things I need to do today to be productive BUT I will be checking back in to see whether anyone wants to do a giveaway. I think I'd like to do one for Christmas and give the lucky winner a little Christmas gift for winning but I'd like to see what you all think first. 

See you all a bit later! Have a wonderful day.... :D



  1. I think my hubby is getting me a planner for christmas too. I wont get mine early though lol

  2. I only got it early because he had me help him order it!! Then when we got home from NY he saw the box and said, "Here." Yep, that's my hubby! lol I'm ok with that though, it gives me more time to figure it out, it has been YEARS since I've made good use of a planner. Believe me, I need to brush up!


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