Fantastic Gathering Yesterday!

Hi, Everyone!

Yesterday turned out so much better than I could have imagined it. Both my guests were on time and ready to start crafting right away...they were both excited about making some cute and simple take home gifts, especially since Christmas is right around the corner. I had three projects prepared...again, I think I am biting off more than I can chew but still. I want people to be happy. I think from now on I will listen to my 'inside voice' telling me to keep it a bit simpler next time. This small group did fine but I could see they were getting a bit overwhelmed at some points. Also, they came over at about 3:30 and left at about 9:30 so that is a LONG time for anyone. Next time we will specify that it will be about a 2 hour gathering, that will take the pressure off everyone.

The projects: All three would make cute little Christmas gifts for co-workers, neighbors, church friends, or even casual friends.

The first was a set of (4) note cards decorated very prettily with the Merry Mice stamp set. We packaged it in a cute clear cell bag (so you could see the cards through it!) and topped it off with a complimenting image from the same stamp set on a label set and a belly band around the whole thing. Here it is:
The set of notecards is in the left side of this photo ^. Isn't it cute?? I agree!! The next project was the candy bar, and I have to tell you that the way we love Target stores is how this project came into being. While doing some Christmas shopping there on Wednesday I noticed these really huge (3.5 ounce) Hershey's chocolate bars over in the Holiday Candy section. At our store it is at the far right hand corner of the store near the Holiday ornaments, etc. Anyway, it is a super cute - and huge - candy bar with an imprint on the chocolate itself of a snowman or something Christmas-y. For ONE DOLLAR! If you use your Red Card (Target's version of a debit card) you get an additional 5% off your whole order, so .95. Such a deal, I bought about 4 or 5 of them and figured at the very least they would make great little stocking stuffers or even small gifts once they were decorated all cute. That is the project you see at the upper right of the photo, and here is the chocolate before it was wrapped in case you are looking for it at Target (which I highly recommend!)
I wanted to choose the close up I had so you could see the weight of the bar and also the imprinted design on the chocolate itself, cute, right?? Lastly was the microwave popcorn treat gift that is shown at the bottom right of that photo above. Same basic idea just using a pretty Stampin' Up! Christmas design and then a contrasting belly band and cute embellishment. Adding the pop of red glimmer paper is always a good idea in my mind! Who can resist the Cookie Cutter Christmas stamp set for ease of use and especially using the little paper punch you can get with it. The bundle is going to be closed out by Stampin' Up! which means that you cannot get the 10% discount once the bundles are gone. It is currently on close out for the bundle price saving you 10% so if you are interested just click this link and it will take you directly to my Stampin' Up! demonstrator page and you can order it and still save some money on it. I tell you I use it so much it's silly. Once you start you find different uses for it and I know I will be using for a long time to come.      

The ladies said I could post a few pics of them with their projects so here goes:

The last photo is sort of a "bonus gift" we did. They mentioned that they wanted to try some gift tags so we used our scraps to put these together. Using the scalloped tag punch which is currently on backorder, we were able to make these quickly and cutely. I have a lot of the gold-decorated vellum paper from a paper stack from long ago and we were able to use a lot of it in these gift tag projects. I think they had a great time and we all enjoyed the evening of creativity!

That's it for this Sunday. I am going to be setting up my new studio 'soft box' lights that my son and daughter in law bought me for my recent birthday. I am gearing up for my first video production and want to make sure I get enough lighting. I know in my dining room it is so dark that I could never pull of any type of video that would be decent enough to watch.

Have a great Sunday!