Another Video!!

That is the link to the video of the card I created using the super cute Tasty Trucks stamp set that I will be giving away shortly.
This stamp set is so cute, it is photopolymer which means it stores flat and is super pliable and easy to use and clean. It also means that you can cut the stamps apart if you choose and then put them back together (on a clear acrylic block) if you want to stamp the together again. This is very useful if you love a certain sentiment but not all of it. Or if you like a certain stamp but only want part of the image.
Because that is only my second video, I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. I know a few things; I know I made it too long. I know I smudged some black ink on part of the card at one point. I know I called the designer series paper pack "Tasty Treats" and it is really "Cool Treats." Or vice versa. If you could help me out by pointing out other stuff you see that I could improve on I would really love that.
I am still learning how to use iMovie (it is a free app on the iMac that is said to be great for beginners!) When I learn how to fully use it I can better tailor my videos so that they are more concise and not so long-winded. It will also allow me to put up titles that show item numbers and other helpful information. Another demonstrator I know says she videos the whole demonstration in the "mute" mode and then does a voice-over on her iPhone later and adds the audio later. That might be another option for me but I still want to be able to cut out certain non-needed portions of the video if I want to.

We are on our way to my father-in-law's house but won't be there very long. They live about 10 minutes away and are not in the best of health lately so they don't do well with long visits. When I return I will put all the names of the entrants for the giveaway into the "Random Name Generator" that I found and will announce the lucky winner of this wonderful stamp set!

I wish each of you all the luck in the world for you to get this awesome set. You will have a lot of fun exploring all the cool stuff you can design with this super versatile little stamp set.

I was just looking through all my stamping and crafting supplies and I have an awful lot of un-used and un-opened embellishment ribbon. I may have to have another giveaway rather soon so that I can give some of it out!!

What do you think??