Newly Revised Video and New Giveaway Announcement!!

Hi Guys!! Such an exciting day for me today. I finally got the revised video of "Tasty Trucks" edited (as much editing as *I* know, anyway!) and uploaded to my YouTube channel. Here it is and I would really appreciate any feedback you have for me. A few of my trusted Stampin' Up! friends have weighed in and all feedback is good feedback from my point of view. Check it out here: Tasty Truck Video We did the one giveaway for a brand new Tasty Truck stamp set and it went ove… Read more

Winner Announced Last night On Facebook!!

Congratulations, Ingrid! You won the new Tasty Trucks photopolymer stamp set!!!! I will be mailing your stamp set out to you super fast, but because it is a special item only available (currently) to demonstrators you cannot receive it until after Jan. 4, so that is what has to happen. In fact, I had to temporarily take down my video showing how to make a cute card with the set because I inadvertently showed a picture of the inside of the catalog in that video. Because I am striving t… Read more

Another Video!! That is the link to the video of the card I created using the super cute Tasty Trucks stamp set that I will be giving away shortly. This stamp set is so cute, it is photopolymer which means it stores flat and is super pliable and easy to use and clean. It also means that you can cut the stamps apart if you choose and then put them back together (on a clear acrylic block) if you want to stamp the together again. This is very useful if you lov… Read more

Merry Christmas!!

Last night's dinner went very well. We had such a good time and everyone got a lot of prime rib to eat and went home super full and happy. Then this morning, the gift explosion began and we were happy to just hang around and enjoy each other's company. Now we are finishing baking a batch of my grandma's butter cookies to take to my dad who is visiting my son's for Christmas dinner. It should be yummy, he very ambitiously chose Italian fare to cook for the feast. Here a… Read more

T'was the Day Before Christmas.....

.....And all through the house, the dinner host was scurrying about like a mouse!! Ok, maybe like a squirrel. Point is, I have lots to do and only till 4 pm to get it all done. I told everyone to come over around 4-4:30 because we are going to eat around 5-5:30 tonight which is pretty do-able for Christmas Eve. It lets people get last minute things done (like me) even though my stuff doesn't entail going out to stores, everything will be done in-house. But first, a photo: It is ou… Read more

Thankful Thursday!

Hi Everyone! Today is Thankful Thursday. The Thursday before Christmas and we have managed to come through another year with hard work and the support of our family and friends. That is something to be thankful about. Even though I have certain health problems I am very thankful for the relatively good health I enjoy. I still am able to enjoy my family, some travel (with help) and spending time with friends. And let's not forget crafting. That has become a very real escape for me … Read more

Today is Wednesday!!

I just did something so exciting I can hardly stand it. Either that or I might throw up!! I just uploaded my first Stampin' Up! video demonstration....and folks, if you go see it (and I hope you do!) I pray you will be gentle with me. You see, I am not used to doing demonstrations. Sure, I talk to people all the time like you guys do, but to actually show a demonstration of something and try to remember the names of the things you are demo-ing. It is a bit daunting, especially at … Read more

Home Sweet Home

Happy Winter, Everyone! Well, we had an eventful trip home with the bad weather. Jet Blue almost did not take off from JFK but the upside was we were only delayed about 45 minutes before getting clearance to leave the runway. Very bumpy ride home with lots of turbulence over various areas, mostly Chicago and Colorado. The pilot was very apologetic but what could he do except keep going higher and higher!! We were happy to land in LAX at about 7:22 west coast time. Now we are on the la… Read more

Last Day In New York

We are getting all packed up and ready to head to the airport tomorrow. We leave this cozy house at noon tomorrow and need to be at the airport by 2 pm so that should leave us time to stop off at one or two last minute places...hopefully. The car is already re-filled with gas so all we have to do is drop it off at the Dollar Rent A Car place and hop on the Air Train at Federal Circle Station to get to the airport. We are already checked in to our flight (online) and will drop off our … Read more

Friday in New York...high temp for today is 22 Degrees!

Hi Everyone! Our vacation is a little more than half over and we are having a fantastic time. Waiting at our place right now for my cousin to come visit. Poor guy is on a mandatory overtime schedule right now and works two split shifts every day but Friday. I feel bad for him but he is used to it and accepts it! Even when you are on a vacation you can usually figure out a way to get some crafting in. I knew being in a cold climate and being indoors a bit would make it easy for me to c… Read more

20 Degrees In Smithtown!

Today was a rousing success. We did a lot of the things we wanted to do and also got some baking in. How often can you say all that? Stamping wise, not a lot going on. I had a couple of online orders placed last night so that is good. While I didn't bring a lot of stamping stuff with me I DID bring the stuff to make some gift tags and will get them out tomorrow to play with them. It SNOWED today. Sure it wasn't much but it was still snow and Kiera was thrilled! Forecast for to… Read more

Thursday is a cold and blustery day!

Woke up this morning here in Smithtown, Long Island to howling winds and temperatures under 20 degrees! A perfect day for a fire in the fireplace, baking cookies with Kiera, and catching up on her homework. Yes, even in Kindergarten they give them homework!! She got a whole folder full of it and is working on a few projects right now. This is the gift card holder that I was making a video about before our trip. The funny (not funny) thing was, we were up so late the night before our f… Read more

Long Island Life, day three!

Having a wonderful time catching up with relatives, shopping, and exploring Long Island. There is truly so much to see and do here, people don't know! Went to visit Uncle Giuseppe's last night (my favorite Italian store) and as usual it did not disappoint. Stocked up on all the stuff we will need for the most part and have planned out our itinerary for the rest of the week. Our big family dinner will be Saturday night and tonight's main event is going to look at the big Ch… Read more

Smithtown, NY....We Are HERE!!!

Hi Everyone!! Well, the blur of packing and getting ready to take a trip with a five year old is over, and now the fun is HERE!! The last-minute stuff went surprisingly well, even for the people like me who leave packing till the last minute. Hahah...worst thing was we did not get a lot of sleep before our flight. Went to bed after midnight knowing we would be up at 3 am to organize ourselves and get to the airport by 4:30. We are lucky and blessed to live under 20 miles from LAX. Als… Read more

Day of Packing is Complete!

All that's left now is to take showers, pack the final toiletry stuff in our bags, and try to get a little sleep before heading to the airport at 4:00 am. I know that's early but our flight leaves at 06:25 so they recommend to be there 2 hours before all domestic flights (3 for international.)  All in all it has gone very well today, no trouble finding stuff we needed to pack, laundry all done, animals all set up for our daughter who is house sitting for a week. Luckily for us… Read more

Travel Time Rapidly Approaching!!

In less than 18 hours we will be taking off for NYC and all my lovely NY relatives out on Long Island! Not only am I super excited to see them but the upcoming weather has me excited as well. Turns out that it will be snowing for 4 out of 7 of the days we are there, that should make it nice and cozy inside and nice and brisk outside when we go there to have snowball fights or to build a snowman!! Before I forget, I wanted to congratulate Christine Dam one more time on being the winner… Read more

Frantic Friday!

I guess the last few days leading up to a planned vacation are always sort of a blur of packing, cleaning, and double and triple-checking last minute travel plans. Ours is no different. Luckily we are having my daughter house sit for us or there would be even more things to arrange such as boarding facilities for the dogs, kitty feeders for the stray cats, and even a chicken wrangler to make sure our flock is well tended while we are gone. Thank God Chelsea is a former farm girl who t… Read more

What a busy, Blustery day today was.....

But that's not why you guys popped in, is it? You want to know who won the stamp set!!! Hold on, because even *I* cannot believe this: The only guy who commented WON!! Yes, the winner (per "random name picker") was Chris82414, who (unless I am mistaken) is Christian Foster, and the 82414 must refer to his old zip code in Cody, WY. Yes, I had to google it because I didn't recognize his handle. So Christian, you are the lucky winner of a brand-spankin' new stamp se… Read more

The Stampin' Up! Website lags Just a little bit....

But it finally caught up (only took a few hours) for them to officially mention that I am now a Bronze Elite!! I couldn't be more excited about it, too! I started as a new demonstrator on October 11, 2016 and besides my daughter and daughter in law have only had one or two outside orders. Still, as a hobbyist I know I buy plenty of stuff and things will just get better as I improve and get the word out, right? It was sort of weird when I placed the last order I knew I had gone ove… Read more

So Excited, I just promoted to BRONZE ELITE status!!!!

This is a big thing (for me, anyway) and in Stampin' Up! it means a couple of things, first of all I get a  raise. Yes, I go from earning 20% on everything I sell to 25%. FIVE percent more! When is the last time you got to jump like that in your pay? Very very cool. Next, it means that I am progressing nicely in the organization. I signed on October 11, 2016 and have not yet been a demonstrator for 2 months but have reached both my quarterly requirements and my Quick Start bonus. … Read more

Videos are Imminent!

Hi Everyone! Well, it's Tuesday. Not a lot happening except I am trying to get as much Christmas wrapping and shopping done before we go on our trip to NYC next week. Less than a week to go, in fact. We will be gone till the 19th and then Christmas will be upon us and I should have everything wrapped that I currently have. We all know I will get a few more things in NYC and then I'll have to wrap them too!! Also have a cute little gift to mail out to my up line. It is supposed… Read more

The weather has turned downright CHILLY

Hi Everyone! For Southern California, that's saying something. We hardly ever get colder weather but right now we are in for a little bit of chilly weather, which is fine by me. I always feel like it is more the holiday season when it is cold. That makes no sense at all since I was born and raised in California. But because we have relatives in New York and we've spent many a holiday there, it truly seems more like the holiday season when it's colder. Last year on our annu… Read more

Fantastic Gathering Yesterday!

Hi, Everyone! Yesterday turned out so much better than I could have imagined it. Both my guests were on time and ready to start crafting right away...they were both excited about making some cute and simple take home gifts, especially since Christmas is right around the corner. I had three projects prepared...again, I think I am biting off more than I can chew but still. I want people to be happy. I think from now on I will listen to my 'inside voice' telling me to keep it a b… Read more

It has been a BUSY Birthday week!

My birthday on Monday, dentist appointment on Tuesday, hair and demonstration appointments on Wednesday....and then on Thursday we started the pre-order month for demonstrators for our new catalog! This new catalog is amazing and will be available to all my customers starting Jan. 4, 2017. The only way to get the new stuff a bit early is by joining which I highly recommend. Even for the "Hobby Demonstrator" it is a good thing to do as you will start off getting 20% discount … Read more