Tuesday and Fall is in the Air!

It has been fantastically chilly the past few days, keeping in mind that for Southern California "chilly" is anywhere between 65-74 degrees! But it's more than that, there is a crispness in the air that wasn't there before, everything feels a bit fresher. Not sure what is happening but I LIKE it!!

Here are a few cards I just put together.
Even though I made them through an online class I took, they show what you can do with just one stamp set and some paper. Sure, I had the Big Shot and that helped for added bling, but you could totally do them without as well. Just a simple alteration of the cards and no Big Shot needed, though I love how they look WITH.
For an avid hobbyist, the Big Shot is one of those bigger investments in your hobby that makes a lot of sense. For a demonstrator, it is a wonderful tool that helps with prepping classes, making interesting videos for your customers and class members, and just letting yourself be more creative. It is just that good a tool. What I like about the Stampin' Up! Big Shot is that it is made so well, and so heavy-duty, that no matter how much crafting you do, it is OKAY. You cannot wear this thing out!

If you host a workshop and invite your friends, when your sales reach $150 you will be able to reap Stampin' Up! rewards, which for $150 is 10% or $15 worth of free stuff! You choose what you want. The great thing is that the more stuff your friends (and you) buy, the more free stuff you'll get. At the sales level $450 and above you can buy one item for 50% off. So if you want a Big Shot and want to only pay half for it just get together with some friends and get your overall sales up to that amount. You can pay half for the Big Shot and at the same time get about $100 worth of free stamping stuff! Leave a comment for more information, I can walk you through the process. Or you can text me for a quicker response! 951-973-3270.

Ok, I must get back to my craft table. No granddaughter tonight so I'm flying solo. She will be back tomorrow though. Have a great night!