The Weekend is Almost Over!

Gosh, it went by so fast, too!

Grandkids (well, one of them) was sick on Friday when we were watching them for the day. She is feeling much better now but it was a very tough 24 hours or so. Whatever bug she had made her throw up more than 7 times and it was really hard for her to keep anything down. Luckily, Sawyer did not catch it though Aaron (my son) did get a smidge of it. They are all feeling 100% today. Fion got lucky, too!

Yesterday we went out with Chelsea to get her some interview clothes. I will admit that we are a pretty casual family and don't have much in the way of formal or professional clothing. Sure, we have stuff that would be appropriate for a funeral or a casual business lunch or meeting but nothing really set up for interview type meetings. We luckily found Chelsea two great outfits that she can tweak to her liking so she is all set. One of them is a gray tweed-type business suit (skirt and jacket) with a thin white line or it may be a pale blush line. Hard to tell. Either way, we bought her a couple of dressy blouses to go with. One was a dark rose solid silk-type blouse and one was a white thin poly-blend simple dress blouse. Both are sheer enough that she will need a camisole underneath. Also picked her up a pair of black dressy slacks and some cool charcoal heels to go with the outfit and YES we got her panty hose as well.

Here's Chelsea (taken on Halloween) she helped us pass out candy to the neighborhood kids and she brought her friend Fred (hanging behind her) to help our porch look extra scary. It worked! I will show an "after" picture of her all dressed up in her new clothes tomorrow.

Otherwise it is a relaxing Sunday. Very peaceful, and full of family time un-interrupted by illness.  Talk to you later!