Saturday Birthday Brunch

Hi, Everyone!

My family was so sweet today, taking me to a birthday brunch at a place in Burbank we've been to before called Castaway. It is a neat restaurant at the top of a hill overlooking Los Angeles, quite a pretty view most days. Today it was rainy and stormy and we got a great show from up there. It directly overlooks a huge golf course and there were deer grazing on the golf course. They didn't even look up when the golf carts went by!
That's my granddaughter Kiera with her selections of the chocolate fondue table. They had marshmallows, ripe strawberries, rice crispy treats, tiny bits of cake, ripe melon and pineapple, and so much other stuff! After she had her pasta (made at the pasta station to order and it was YUMMY!) she got to indulge.
These were the deer hanging out and grazing on the golf course right before it started pouring rain. I have to say the storm was very impressive! All we needed was thunder and lightning to make it really dramatic. As it was, the wind and rain alone were pretty wild. It has continued to rain the rest of the day off and on and is supposed to continue tomorrow and then clear up on Monday.

For tomorrow I have a "Make and Take" scheduled here at my house for the afternoon, around 3 pm. It is for my two daughters so it is a bit more casual in terms of when it will occur. One of them is going to Disneyland in the morning so we need to wait till she returns to start. For this Make and Take I am going to demonstrate three cards and we will make them together. They will go home with a total of six cards each. I'm cutting out the paper and layers tonight so that it will be easy tomorrow. I think I will do some of the Big Shot die cutting tonight and leave a little bit for tomorrow so they can participate and hopefully they will want to purchase a Big Shot at some point. They really ARE hard to live without once you see how versatile they are and how much more creative you can get.

Ok, I'm going to go for now, don't forget that the Online Extravaganza ends on November 28 (that's in just two days!) and if you are looking for any special deals of up to 40% off just check out my page at and click on Online Extravaganza. I think one of the items, the Bell Punch, is 40% off only on 11-28 so it will only be $10.80 for that day only. I'm betting it will sell out quick so I'm placing my order as soon as it turns into 11-28 (MY Birthday!) at 00:01. That is such a great deal for a paper punch and especially that one. It is so versatile and you can make so many cool cards with it from wedding cards to holiday cards. There's no limit, really.

I went ahead and put the links above so you can just simply click on the highlighted area and go right to the online extravaganza if you want.

Have a great night and a great rest of the weekend. I'll be back Monday with pictures of the Make and Take!