November 3rd....Thankful Thursday!

In terms of being thankful, I am very...even though you may hear me talk about my painful knees, or how stiff I was, or how I couldn't walk too much because of something or other, I truly am thankful for all the things I CAN do.

Take today, for instance. The UPS guy (Dennis) drove up and brought me a beautiful brown box of wonder from Stampin' Up! Since I had just ordered the newest sensation, "Stitched Shapes," from the link on November 1, I was positive that it couldn't be here yet. Sure enough, it was something I had ordered on Saturday. Still a wonderful brown box of awesomeness, but not what I was hoping for. Lo and behold, "Dennis" went to the end of my block to turn his truck around and what happened next?? He stopped in front of my house again with ANOTHER brown box of wonder and light from Stampin' Up! He's a jokester like that...and now I'm sitting in front of it waiting to tear it open and hoping against hope that the "Stitched Shapes" newest framelit set will be in there....

I'll be right back after I open this!!