Just Barely Sunday...

Hey, Everyone!

I'm barely making it under the wire for Sunday's blog post. When I started this blog I promised myself that I'd do my darnedest to write daily and post pictures that were meaningful for that day. Try as I might, it seems that life gets in the way, so to speak.

Today was a busy one, filled with grandkids, shopping, laundry (does it EVER stop? lol), cooking, cleaning, shopping, Target (haha...whole separate category from 'shopping'), and catching up with our kids. I had a very few minutes this morning for creating a new card and wasn't happy with the end result at all. I also worked on a new idea for some gold patterned vellum paper I have. It came in a paper pack of 6 x 6 sheets and was on sale and I REALLY wanted to love the paper. Well, I still love the paper but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to. I'll post a picture and you can see what I mean.
Ok, so the paper I was so excited about is the velum with the gold snowflakes on it, they are glittery and a bit raised up and the vellum (as most vellum) is translucent. By itself on top of a Whisper White card base the vellum with the gold snowflakes looked washed out and not pretty, but when i put it over a black layer of card stock it looked super pretty. The adhesive issue was another whole problem. You can see clearly the glue dots in each corner. You can even partially see where I used the liquid glue (from Stampin' Up!) fine tip glue pen to adhere the vellum to the black layer. I used dimensionals to the cut out, embossed stamped image (Gentle Peace photopolymer.) Separately, all that sounds good but together it was not.

The other card I put together was a more whimsical Christmas card using "Jolly Friends" bundle - photopolymer stamp set with the related paper punch. Here it is:
It came out a little better than my first card creation but not as it was in my mind. Still a cute idea, next time I'll used a different card stock for the base card (like crumb cake) and then have one reindeer head in whisper white. The bundle itself is adorable and the paper punch is awesome. I chalk up my two less-than-awesome creations to my lack of time and feeling rushed. I was not thinking about creating stuff, I was thinking about hurrying up and getting out of the house so I could get back and start cleaning!

Which proves: housework is bad for you! Ok, so I'm paraphrasing a bit. Tomorrow I will have much more exciting creations to share with you. For now, my bed is calling me. After I get some rest I will be much more able to talk and plan for next week's adventures!

Till then, happy crafting!