Happy Halloween, Everyone!!!

Wow, how did I forget it was Halloween this morning? Crazy...

Ok, here are the treats I made for my grand babies. They are still pretty young (5 and under) so they cannot be too spooky but should still be a little bit creepy. Creepy and spooky are two different things, you didn't know?? Haha...

The Halloween Cookie Cutter set came into good use for these tricky treats. I had some scraps of harvest-colored paper laying around so that's what I used for the candy covering. One thing I definitely lack right now in my Stampin' Up! inventory is paper and I'm currently placing orders to fix it! Not having enough paper is always a BAD thing for any crafter.

What are you guys doing for tonight's festivities? Most people who had church harvest festivals did them this past weekend. Some people are having theirs tonight. I remember a church we went to YEARS ago always did it on the day of October 31 no matter what day of the week it was. When the kids were small it was always tough trying to get them to a function when there was school the next day. Live and learn, right??

Whatever you are doing tonight be sure and stay safe, have fun, and above all enjoy your family and friends!

Talk later!