Fruitful Friday

Good afternoon, Everyone!!

Today I'm celebrating what I call "Fruitful Friday." Why is it fruitful? Well, some people may be ending their work week, others may not work at all at a typical Mon-Fri type place. It doesn't really matter.

You can be fruitful any day.

What does fruitful mean? In the online Merriam-Webster's dictionary it says it is: "producing a good result : very productive." 

It goes on to say that it refers to being "conducive to an abundant yield." So basically, being fruitful is to produce a good result, be productive, and producing an abundant yield.

Today I can do some things to help myself be more fruitful, or more productive. I can not think about the pain in my knees so much as it tends to slow me down, makes me thing I cannot do things that I probably can (and should) be doing. Like walking. Sure, I know it hurts more when I walk but I also know that my arthritis feels better if I take part in 'moderate exercise.'  Moderate doesn't mean running a half-marathon (for me.) It means getting up, getting dressed, and going outside to walk a few blocks and stretch my muscles. It means going to the grocery store, coming home and putting away groceries, making dinner, etc. All the stuff we all take for granted until it is too painful to do it easily. When it becomes harder a lot of us just do less and hope the pain goes away, but it doesn't really do that. It just hurts more when we eventually get up, and you always have to get up at some point. 

Something really fun happened today, I got a package from Stampin' Up!  Just like Christmas...I love getting things in the mail anyway, but when it is a treat box from SU, it is really exciting. So let's see what was in the box.

I got the Paisley & Poseys designer paper pack and it is even prettier in person than it is online! I needed more embellishments so there's a pack of those in there, a couple more clear stamping blocks, some adhesives (always a necessity!) some embossing powder, and something from the clearance rack. You can't order something without checking that page out!  
If you buy the Paisley & Posey's photopolymer stamp set, you can also make your own backgrounds like in this card:
Of course you can change any of the colors to match whatever paper stock you are using so it will match, but you get a great effect and it doesn't take long to practice before  you have some really pretty results!  Now it's time to pick up my granddaughter from school and I think she and I will make a couple of pretty things. She loves Halloween but not the scary Halloween stuff. So we will concentrate on the cute leaves, friendly Halloween cookie cutter stamps, and other stuff so that she'll have a good time.

See you all later!! And have a fantastic FRUITFUL Friday!